What is a SSD?It is about the little knowledge the of SSDs

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When I bought my computer a few years ago, many computers did not have SSD installed at that time. It usually takes a minute to wait before the computer is switched on. Later, the computer gets stale and the content stored inside gets accumulated, the machine needs to take a few minutes to switch on and it takes longer time for an application to turn on after a click. I realized that since the SSD was used in computers, we have new requirements for the response time of computer. We would install SSD even if it is not a new computer, in order to upgrade our hard drives and increase the speed to open our computer and reduce the response time of our system applications. If you are a rookie in SSD field, don't miss this simple knowledge analysis guide.

Our computers generally have two hard disks, one is a mechanical hard disk and the other one is a solid-state hard disk. The mechanical hard disk is a configuration for almost every computer, which is used for storing data. Unfortunately, its performance cannot keep up with other components. While, the solid-state drive is an SSD, which functions is a booster. It makes your computer work faster and helps the performance of the mechanical hard drive to catch up with the speed that the computer needs. Let us take the speed of the hardware of the computer for example, the speed of the graphics card cache, CPU cache and memory stick has far exceeded the speed of the mechanical hard disk. The mechanical hard disk cannot keep up with this high-speed hardware, blocking the computer performance in a suppressed situation. Therefore, the computer faces series of jams and long responding time sorts of problems. The storage speed of the SSD is 5-10 times faster than that of the mechanical disk, which can make up for a series of shortcomings of the mechanical disk. After installing the SSD on the stuttering computer, you will find a reborn.

The specific difference between a mechanical disk and an SSD solid state disk is that the process of recording data on a mechanical disk is through magnetic recording. Just like the tape we used to listen to songs in the recorder about 20 years ago, the disk goes to the corresponding location of the information record after we chose what data we want. It sense magnetic data with a magnetic head. The working principle of SSD solid state hard disk is to use the electric current to record information data, just like how mobile phone store music, when we need the above data, just go directly to find the area where data are stored.

SSD solid state drives contain NAND flash, which are used to store data in SSDs. The types of NAND flash are MLC, SLC and TLC. They are important factors in selecting SSD. SLC means single, each cell only stores 1 bit of data, its storage mode allows it to read and write very fast and has so strong stability that the reading error rate is almost zero.In addition, the lifespan is still very long. Of course, equivalently, its price is also the most expensive one. MLC means multiple and the data stored in each cell has to store 2 bits of data. TLC means three and each cell has to store 3 bits of data. This situation leads to slow reading and writing speed, high error rate and short usage time. According to various aspects of work efficiency, the SSD solid state drive that uses MLC particles is the most practical one, and the use time is also the best. Although, according to the comparison of the three kinds of particles, the efficiency of TLC is the lowest and its service life is the shortest, after testing, its normal service life is more than 5 years. Among the three types of granules, the most common SSD solid state drive uses TLC granules. The main reason is because of its price, many users can afford it.

Many well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Intel, Sandi and other regular SSD solid-state hard disk manufacturers produce SSD solid-state hard disk particles, the particles they use is of standard quality. There are also some SSD solid-state hard disk manufacturers that use "white chip" and "black chip" on the market. Do you know what is "white chip" or "black chip"? “White chip” refers to those granule products that cannot pass the quality inspection of the original factory. They are sold to the second party to produce SSD solid state drives, and the “black chip” is the waste chip that is much worse than the “white chip”. The price of these two kinds of "chips" is far lower than the price of regular sales of SSD solid-state hard drives. Many people think that buying a SSD solid-state hard drives at this price is such a bargain, but most of you will regret after you bought it.

Another knowledge point is the main control, for example, the storage space is a large parking lot, then the main control is the commander administrator, the main control has a lot of data to manage, so it is important for the SSD solid state hard drive to have a good main control. There is also the relevant knowledge about interface, bus, etc., but we will not discuss here, for those who are interested in learning relevant knowledge, you can check up some related content and parameters. In the end, the two most important things in the SSD are the granules and the main control. These two are like the best soldier and the general. If you want to buy a SSD, it is best to buy a manufacturer brand that can independently develop granules, such as Samsung, Intel and other brands that have guaranteed quality. Although the TCL has the worst performance among the three kinds of particles, it is practicality very enough for our ordinary users to use. If you have no other demand, you shall choose this economical and affordable one.


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